Hey, Jude!


Cute ^^

«Есть две бесконечные вещи — Вселенная и человеческая глупость. Впрочем, насчет Вселенной я не уверен». © А. Эйнштейн
Не то, о чём вы подумали, извращенцы! :alles: см. комментарий автора

Artist's Comments:

-Holmes! What the hell has happend to you?
-Nothing special. Just the usual. Here there's your bet... hunngg. *faints*
-You... you idiot! Don't ever come home like that again! I won't be lifting you and carrying you to the bed, next time!
*drags him and falls with him on the bed. Then sighs and hugs him*

I read somewhere that Jude Law, speaking about Holmes and Watson's relationship in the movie, said something like they are being mean to each other, and that is so true...

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2010-01-28 в 00:06 

Рыжие - самые симпатичные мужчины, они сразу выделяются из толпы, как солнечные лучики ©

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